On Photography as a Medium

After almost two centuries, photography has not fully established itself as an artistic medium on par with painting, sculpture, etc. In addition to requiring many years of study to acquire unique skills; each work in traditional media may require many hours, days, even years to complete, making them expensive and precious. The camera is ubiquitous in modern life, and culture has yet to place photos at the same level, with some rare exceptions such as prints by early masters such as Ansel Adams.

In the beginning I shared this view, and used the camera as a tool to quickly capture images that were more about information than art, such as recording events, and taking reference photos to use in making traditional artworks. Eventually I came to appreciate photography as a worthy medium. The subjects of my photography are the same as my other works in other media, the figure, landscapes, and abstract compositions, the latter aided by the use of the computer. In addition there are image that capture my personal history.